Civility starts from the heart...

American Civility Association is here to help you discover ways to live a happier and safer life through a heart education. You may be surprised at how quickly a few little tweaks to your daily routine will elevate your inner happy meter.


What Children say...

"It helped me because when I see someone get bullied hurts my feelings, but now since we have precious not prickly not alot of people get bullied." "Preshus not prickly helps me by not being bullied and helps me get new friends it makes me feel safe." - Luke


How you can support ACA...

For less than $1 a day you can be a hero to a classroom of children. $25 a month will provide a year of heart education for 25 students. If those 25 children each teach 5 others about living a kindness lifestyle through an act of kindness and those 125 do the same and so on, very soon everyone in the entire world will experience kindness and enjoy a bit of happiness.


Counselors Say

This is the place to find insights and wisdom from the psychology and medical community that support the efforts and the findings of the American Civility Association.

You will hear from therapists, counselors, medical doctors, scientists, psychologists and those in related fields. We are extremely thankful for each one.

This testimonial comes from Brett Rhoden, a therapist.

“As a marriage and family therapist, and certified clinical supervisor, I have worked extensively over the past 40 years with severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents across the spectrum of clinical settings.
The concept of Civility, as simple as it may appear, when implemented has tremendous impact in the treatment and healing of unhealthy and troubled relationships across virtually every setting imaginable. As the Clinical Director of a long-term residential treatment center in the early 1990s, our program for 18 preadolescent children had become completely out of control. The monthly use of special treatment procedures had escalated to a level exceeding the yearly average of the entire campus. Staff turnover spiked to 85%. It seemed as if no amount of staff or clinical resources could alter the downward spiral. Finally, out of sheer desperation, we went back to the basics and implemented a program where every staff member, through word and deed, focused on the communication of Respect and Civility towards every child and coworker, regardless of the activity, as the primary treatment approach. ……… Simply stated, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Although initially met with resistance, it was after all a new experience for the children and staff alike, within one week an improvement in the tone of the cottage became noticeable. At the end of six weeks, a cultural shift had occurred, one in which politeness, respect, and civility had replaced provocation and defiance. Staff turnover dropped to 15%, and the use of special treatment procedures disappeared entirely.
Now, the concepts and components of Operation Hedgehog permeate every aspect of my treatment, and hopefully in my interactions in my personal life. I wholeheartedly endorse the American Civility Association and look forward to the further implementation of Operation Hedgehog in schools, treatment centers, and perhaps most importantly, in our hearts and homes.”
Brett L Rhoden, MA, LMFT
First Coast Assessments, P.A.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Board-Certified Clinical Supervisor, LMFT