Civility starts from the heart...

American Civility Association is here to help you discover ways to live a happier and safer life through a heart education. You may be surprised at how quickly a few little tweaks to your daily routine will elevate your inner happy meter.


What Children say...

"It helped me because when I see someone get bullied hurts my feelings, but now since we have precious not prickly not alot of people get bullied." "Preshus not prickly helps me by not being bullied and helps me get new friends it makes me feel safe." - Luke


How you can support ACA...

For less than $1 a day you can be a hero to a classroom of children. $25 a month will provide a year of heart education for 25 students. If those 25 children each teach 5 others about living a kindness lifestyle through an act of kindness and those 125 do the same and so on, very soon everyone in the entire world will experience kindness and enjoy a bit of happiness.


For Educators

EOB Web Bar PhotosTIMES HAVE CHANGED: Today, educators are up against challenges and pressures previous generations in American schools never faced. Who ever imagined school shootings would even exist? Or that bullying, meanness and lack of respect would be such issues?

THE CAUSE: Our programs are addressing the underlying cause … a lack of a heart education.
People are not born knowing how to treat one another. It must be taught.

OUR PROGRAMS: Classified as SEL (Social Emotional Learning) education, our programs do the job with immediate and long lasting results. Educators and Guidance Counselors tell us our curricula are easy to implement without infringing on the daily routine. In fact, they tell us they enhance their efforts. Students embrace our methodology and enjoy the benefits of a culture of kindness and respect where it is easier to learn.

Imagine what affect an 80% drop in number of children receiving referrals, 35% fewer suspension days, 40% fewer disruptive behaviors, and a 35% improvement in school attendance can do for learning gains? Yes, it is amazing how children and their educators respond to a culture of gratitude and kindness where everyone may thrive, feel safe and live happier lives.

In the professional hands of educators like you, our resources and training events are transforming school cultures from the dangerous trends of violence into school cultures of gratitude and kindness where students thrive and learn, and where everyone can feel safe.


St. Johns Technical High School in Florida is an alternative school, grades 6th-12th. The school population was struggling in nearly every area from behavior to learning gains. Three years ago, over 400 referrals were issued. Quite a high number considering the 160 student population. Our American Civility teen civility education program called Operation Hedgehog was implemented to teach students and educators a heart education. The first year, reading gains leaped an average of 20 points with one particular group yielding nearly 40 gains points higher. Plus,  after just two years, the referral number had dropped from 400 to only 48 referrals issued for the year.

That is an 88% improvement!

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Congratulations to the caring educators and their students at St Johns Technical. A special thanks to their Principal, Cynthia WiIliams, for her outstanding school leadership.

We are so very proud of you all for choosing to take kindness and gratitude to heart! .


Amy Barnett, President

The American Civility Association