Civility starts from the heart...

American Civility Association is here to help you discover ways to live a happier and safer life through a heart education. You may be surprised at how quickly a few little tweaks to your daily routine will elevate your inner happy meter.


What Children say...

"It helped me because when I see someone get bullied hurts my feelings, but now since we have precious not prickly not alot of people get bullied." "Preshus not prickly helps me by not being bullied and helps me get new friends it makes me feel safe." - Luke


How you can support ACA...

For less than $1 a day you can be a hero to a classroom of children. $25 a month will provide a year of heart education for 25 students. If those 25 children each teach 5 others about living a kindness lifestyle through an act of kindness and those 125 do the same and so on, very soon everyone in the entire world will experience kindness and enjoy a bit of happiness.


Operation Hedgehog


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A TRANSFORMING PROGRAM: “The year before we implemented Operation Hedgehog at St.Johns Technical High, over 400 referrals were earned by our 160 students. Two years later, only 48 referrals. A nearly 90% improvement. I highly recommend Operation Hedgehog. ” Principal Alternative High School Grades 6th-12th

HEART SMARTS FOR TEENS: Operation Hedgehog for Teens is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program complete with resources and training to reverse the dangerous trends of bullying, rudeness and disrespect for grades 6th through 12th. Research shows our formula for teaching SEL strategies opens the heart to compassion and the brain to learning. Therefore students achieve higher learning gains.

EASY TO IMPLEMENT: Operation Hedgehog uses a 3 Step Easy Implementation Plan without infringing on your class plans. Students gain tools and skills to build relationships. In a short time rudeness, meanness, and other dangerous and disruptive behaviors decline.

IMPROVED LEARNING: With cultures of thankfulness and kindness comes better blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain where learning, creativity and expansion happen. And, yes, we see learning gains improve from 20 to 40 points. Together, we can revolutionize your school.


  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Reading and Discussing Inspiring Books
  • Performing Acts of Kindness
  • Learning and Practicing Professional Etiquette including Cyber Civility.

IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL CARE: In your professional care, Operation Hedgehog resources and training will transform, inspire, and grow hearts that care for others. Students who were hopeless soon dare to dream of a better future. Their empathy grows into compassion, and kindness becomes a lifestyle as students learn to contribute in ways to make it so.

“It has taught me that anger can be very dangerous to you and your friends. … Because of this book I have not given up on myself. I’m no longer going to complain about what we have for dinner. There are teens out there who have nothing and most importantly this amazing doctor did not rest until he made it clear I should not dare to give up on my dreams. I’m going to end up reading this book 30 times over. Reading is cool.”     Alternative High School Student, M.L.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity of having the Operation Hedgehog program in our school . The Life Lesson- teacher guide with goals and activities for students is so constructive and helpful. Our students are so fortunate to benefit from all this knowledge, positive principles, and great values for everyday living.”     Alternative High School Teacher, M.B.

“’It was rare and wonderful for the students to form a receiving line and to look me in the eye, give a firm handshake, and introduce themselves. In doing so they honored me. As I shook each hand I could see that every student felt a sense of his or her own significance–or as Dr. Martin Luther King expressed the feeling, a sense of Somebodiness.”’     Author, Glennette Tilley-Turner

“I was very pleased with the information that was presented in a student centered manner as well as age appropriate.” Even months later… “Teachers commented students were more respectful.”     Junior High Principal, Dr. Saryn Hatcher.